Hello wonderfuls! Today I want to share to you about the 100 VERSES ONE HEART project founded by various Christian designers around the world. What does it mean? Click HERE to find out more about the campaign and what you can do to help. You can even find the widget which will link you to one of the designer's profiles, the lovely Yu Hui Wang from CCF Singapore at the bottom of this blog ↓
I believe as part of the body of Christ, all of us need to have a willing heart to contribute in such a positive movement ♥
Don't forget to pass the news and share this wonderful initiative with your friends and family. The 100 Verses' $10,000 goal is nearly reached and there is little less than a month for us to help them knock this target off. Why donate, you ask? Upon accomplishing their target, the finalized designs will be compiled into an ultimate goody book of verses and inspirational quotes to be published globally! How exciting is that? Hang on, it's not just an ordinary postcard book. It's going to be a super versatile inspirations' pack for each of you. Sometimes a good quote is like a soothing cup of warm tea. You never know when you really need that cozy pat on the back! For now, hope you all like the video these girls compiled together :)


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