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For we are God's workmanship, created in Jesus Christ to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do...Consequently, you are no longer foreigners and aliens, but fellow citizens with God;s people and members of God's household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets with Christ Himself as the chief cornerstone.

(EPHESIANS 2:10, 19-20)

A few days ago I was confronted with the question, "How proud or glad are you knowing that you're God's sanctified daughter?" Honestly this question really caught me off-guard because even though I clearly knew how special this privilege is (and it's clearly written on the Word!), I was still unable to apply it fully to my heart. Surely, if I intimately knew the answer by heart, I would have lived my life in such a different, more powerful way. 

Last week we had students from Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, Reddington, CA coming over to Bethany and sharing the beautiful love and message of God. They were planning on an evangelical mission outing around the streets of Melbourne CBD, as they'd call it a "treasure hunt". I really wish I could go along with them but I missed out since praise and worship rehearsal finished a bit later than usual. But that didn't stop me from attending their evening conference later that night where they shared their breathtaking testimonies and prophetic words for us. As a young person who is really in tune with Bethel's concept of spontaneous worship and spirit-driven ministry, I really was awestruck by what they shared. A few new Christians came along to our church over to share how great and loving the students were, as healers and counselors in the Father's name, then sharing about the wonderful message about God's love and His omnipresence in our lives - thick and thin and through it all. One young girl spoke of how the evangelists sparked life within her heart, motivating her to pursue her future with a new energy, a God-driven energy that way overcomes the world and its limitations. Her friend's legs were healed and he was able to walk properly again. Many elderly were prayed for and their backs recovered free from pain. Some of them were able to walk energetically after battling many years with arthritis and cancer...and the list goes on. It was just amazing to hear such amazing news entering your ears, straight to your heart and soul after a long day. That moment I opened up my heart to God and fully believed that there is nothing that I could not do in Him if it is for the benefit of His glory. 
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The thing is we often discourage ourselves from doing the things that are rightly allocated to us by our Heavenly Father without us realizing it. We are ignoring, neglecting, undermining and ultimately, grieving the Holy Spirit. He is our eternal, heavenly counselor, given to each of us by the unsurpassed love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Question: How are we treating the Spirit's involvement in our lives right now? Do we respect His presence? Are we even aware of His presence and what He is doing in our lives? 

My sheep listens to my voice. I know them and they follow me.

(JOHN 10:27)

Apostle John emphasized on the importance for us to discern  the Word and voice of God in day to day life. As His followers, we are like Him. We share His compassion to the world and our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are followers of His voice, guidance and movement of the Spirit. How do we discern? Simply read the Word and pray deeply more often. God never inquires fancy, heavy-duty tricks but good old commitment. Now you ask me, how can we see the level of commitment we are offering to God in our daily life? Just like any relationship, our commitment level is bounded by time. Just as God is the Father of Love who cannot be bounded or limited by time, His love is all-surrounding, complete and ever present. But we are not an infinite being iike Him. As humans, we do have plenty of flaws even though we are created in His likeness. These weaknesses serve to teach us humility by nature and encourage us to develop a positive habit in appreciating and learning from our mentors. Talk about the culture of honor. Our level of commitment is plausibly and directly evident through the amount of time we spent reading & meditating on His word, in prayer and worship, in helping others, in sincere and quiet communication with Jesus, in thanksgiving with each morning and each meal, putting our best foot forward in studying and working...and the list goes on. Knowing this, let's go back to the beginning. How glad or delighted are you in knowing that you are Christ's sanctified daughter?
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So what does it mean to be sanctified? I would think of it as going back and "reverting" to our former glory, the original worth and form that we were originally created in by the most creative Father in all time and space. You would know that there is a variety of gifts and talents in your family and friends. Your weaknesses and strengths are different from those of your siblings, even with your identical twin! God created people differently and uniquely, however each of us are fearfully and wonderfully made before His eyes. We are created to be God's ambassadors on Earth. Protect, subdue, fulfill. Those were God's vision when He created Eden for Adam and Eve. For both of them to grow and express love not just to each other but to nature as well, exercising God's creativity placed within their innate self in giving life and maintaining life of God's other creations. Now...what is so special about this?

I like to see it as a way to radiate God's glory. His glory lies locked within the depths of our faith. As born again Christians, baptized and resurrected in victory, we have received all things that were given to Jesus by the Father. Power to heal the sick. Forgiveness. Determination. Wisdom & discernment. Love. Mercy.  Yet NONE of these would surface automatically if we don't earnestly ask God to exercise them within our daily lives! To radiate His glory means to follow His commands in our ministry, regardless of what or where it is. God's matters always prevail in the end and it is our rightful job to carry the ones assigned into our hands to completion. But we all experience those moments where nothing seems to go the way we desire. Well that is life. But rather we should be glad and joyful the fact that God has raised and resurrected our new lives as new, Spirit-driven Christians. He who works in all beauty and grace roots us in specific communities where we can grow and exercise the gifts and power He has anointed us with our new and justified status. If you've been a long time reader of Blessed Wonderfully, you'd probably understand how much I emphasized on the meaning of a brotherly (or sisterly) God-driven community. Well, this would date back months before the major makeover. I knew how difficult and burdensome it was to stay rooted in God's path by myself, without relying on the support of people whom God has so kindly given to me. But what's even more depressing is how I slowly moved away from God's beautiful plans and shifted my feet to my own plans. Blind, short-sighted, and impulsive. Let me tell you friends.

Following God's path might be hard at first and you may feel tempted to stray away because you sense so much freedom out of it. Reality is, once you step away from God's ordained path, you are stranded. The Holy Spirit is always next to you and calling out to you to come back but you would distance yourself right away from God. It is your conscious decision to stay away from His guidance and you would feel so terribly alone at some parts of your life. The worst thing is...you don't know how to escape out from it. Just like an addiction, but instead of getting addicted to God's Truth, you're substituting your holy vessel for something more vain and short-lasting. 

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Now God's promise is the essence that sustains us. He will do good things and works through those who loves Him (deeply and intimately). Radiating His glory and living a powerfully influential life becomes natural when we patiently wait for His breakthroughs and persevere in our obedience. So hang in there friends and use your networks! 

ps. Over the next few weeks I am going to focus on the culture of worship. So excited to share you guys some inspirational quotes that I've collected! BW is finally kicking into action ♥

Thank you for reading blessed readers. Jesus loves you unconditionally and lock that in your heart!



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