Quick moodboard post to kickstart the weekend ♥ It's been quite a roller coaster week and I wish my weekend would be soft as cotton candy, flowing smoothly and peacefully. 

...And I guess it's the perfect time to cleanse out my visuals folder and pin up some fresh inspirations on the blog ♥ 

I know this is really not one of my usual posts however I've always had this little knack for pretty visuals and I just couldn't help to right-click a finger whenever I came across something sweetly moving. Some people reckon I am a daydreamer (a quiet, deadly looking one with a serious face ha!) and it's true. I have this little weakness of spending too much time scouring for good pictures online even during intensive exam study periods (such as now).

Surprisingly, this post took a lot longer than I expected it to be. It's nearly over an hour spent online for me to gather up the pictures and ensure that they were all big enough to be sorted in one size. Yes, all pictures on this blog are 1000 pixels in width :) Feel free to steal'em. No credits are mine. Just posting on a hobby. (I have put all image descriptions: artists, models, photographers, landmarks in the file names for most pictures. Sorry if I couldn't accurately refer to all of them. Perhaps you could let me know if you do? Thankies~)

Stay tuned people. I've got several write-ups to share to you all. Have a blessed weekend! x

ps. Inspirations via. Studded Hearts (my first blogger inspiration ♥ Her blog is just ah~ pure perfection)



Maira Gall