Just like people, life is highly variable and highly unexpected at times. Some days are momentum, some days are just plain horrible. But regardless of the condition, our identity should not change. Our true colors will shine only when we grasp our potentials, limitations and capabilities and learn to embrace all them with wide, open arms...

Art by Pakayla Rae Biehn.

Evening readers ♥ Aren't these just beautiful? I can't resist the urge to share these wonderful artworks with you all when I first passed by Pakayla's website here. On the side note, do you love listening to audio podcasts? I've been developing this recent habit of listening and it's proven to be quite fun, insightful and entertaining really...It's like staying updated with live radio updates from your inspirational speakers around the world. Currently, I'm listening to Bobbie Houston's Hillsong Sisterhood. Have a quick browse of her podcasts here. They are seriously insightful and enlightening, especially for the women :) 

Lots of love,


Maira Gall