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I'm really attracted to minimalist and Scandinavian interior designs lately. The elements are pretty straight-forward. Marble tiles, mirrors, indoor greenery, seaview rooms, cotton lamps and indoor hammocks. But I guess getting them fully realized is not as easy as I'd thought. But we'll never know where this will lead me, or what my future home will look like..

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I am currently on the lookout for ways to treat and maintain an indoor garden, such as in my room or living room. This morning I was fortunate to chance upon Elsie and Emma's Tips for Keeping Indoor Plants Alive. The choice of plants, watering schedules and lighting are critical factors I need to consider. But on the other hand, I'm quite simplistic and sometimes, a nitty perfectionist. For those who have seen my room, they would know why. While most people would decorate their walls with photos, inspirational quotes, frames, I prefer mine whitewashed. Funnily, I get annoyed at a small strip of clear tape stuck on the wall (from last year's exam-week study timetable...) Hopefully I'll be more open to creative space decor to colour my room and parts of the house..

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