Travel to the Mediterraneans with Natalie Joos. 

Natalie, the fabulous chic writer and photographer behind Tales of Endearment is simply a lady you cannot not like, or get hooked in. I recently read through her travel entries and got so engrossed in her writing and photography. The right-click-save-image-as cycle kept on going for sometime and I just had to share it with you all. For those of you who haven't seen her blog, click here and get ready to get hooked in by her witty tales. Natalie's instagram (@jxssy) is an addition to the witty and charming bundle.

ps. Our trip to Venus Bay was quite memorable in many sense. Bad news first, we relied on a car-installed GPS that was not automatically updated with the geographical satellite info. We left home at around 8AM, early at dawn, only to get lost three times (and made a lot of emergency stops, U-turns, mini breaks) and reached there around 12.30. What was supposed to be a two-hour journey ended up being 4 to 5 hours in length! Second, there were hardly any pipies there. Pipis are mini shells you would find on the beach and Venus Bay is one of Victoria's best. However, because we arrived there too late, the pipies already went back into hiding underneath the sand. Tidal waves were particularly strong on the less "touristy" area where many beautiful shells can be collected (but again, no pipies!) 

Yet the fact that we bring our little 18-month old niece along was the best news. She made the entire journey so worthwhile (whilst tiring at the same time haha). Whilst many babies are terrified by sweeping waves, my niece is quite a fierce and bold one. She insisted to go pretty deep with my sister and brother-in-law. The waves were pretty strong so both parents had to support her by lifting her up whenever the tides come close. My mum (grandma) nearly stepped off balance! We didn't find many pipies on the day but we spent some good times chatting with family friends and catching up with some wave play with baby Catalina (my niece). Guess that's all for today loves. Can't wait to meet up some of my Bethany & Planetshakers friends tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend xx

Bisous ♥

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