Happy Valentine's my gorgeous readers ♥

I really wish that this coming Valentine (Saturday the fourteenth) will bring plenty of memorably sweet moments to all of you. JPB's lookbook featuring Hannah Ogden really brings out the feel of summer valentine for me. Bright daylight, coastal breeze and fresh summer scents really remind me of my summer holidays that's long past now. I've been swamped with so much work this week that I have to learn how to take a moment to breathe, chill and relax (and get my schedule all sorted out...)

Personally, Valentine's does not have to be a special moment with your special girlfriend, boyfriend, or spouse. It can also be a precious moment with your friends. Valentine's never meant to be incomplete without a special someone. Being single and "free", I believe there is someone out there prepared for me at for the right time. It does not have to match my expectations. Rather than becoming hasty, being anxious or wanting what we shouldn't have, we should be patient and attain more confidence, integrity and respect in ourselves. Well they say, confidence speaks volumes on how attractive a woman is ☺

Wishing you all a sweet Valentine's Day!

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Bisous ♥

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