Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear Streetstyle Part Two.

New York. The city that never sleeps. The most blogger-friendly fashion week around the world. There is such a wonderful blend of creative energy and art inspiration in so many different color palettes, styles and textures that people wear. Each individual blogger, artist, designer or photographer freely channels their creativity and personal styling into making an attire full of flair. This is why I really love right-clicking + saving #NYFW streestyle snaps. There are so many bloggers who are just as passionate as I am in putting their own creative juices to the test in making their most fashionable, but balanced outfit for a runway show. It would take me hours (if not days...) to plan-out all my outfits and what I'm going to wear, e.g. accessories and make-up for each runway invitation. So hands up to these ladies and gentlemen who channel such inspiring styling day in day out at the fashion week. 

(ps. Check out my latest post on Paris Fashion Week here if you haven't)

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