WSJ April 2016.

Photography: Cass Bird. 
Styling: Elissa Santisi.
Hair: Esther Langham.
Beauty: Frank B.
Model: Edita Vilkeviciute. 

One beautiful editorial featuring the beautiful Edita. I love how well the title matches the entire feel of this shoot. It's so on point that I'm struggling to find an alternative title that works as well (what I love to do...)

On a side note, have I told you I've revamped by personal blog? Blessed Wonderfully  is up and live now. So feel free to drop by here ♥ 

Blessed Wonderfully will mainly cover the "non-fashion" aspects of my life, e.g. my studies, what I learn, inspirational/motivational posts, and beautiful photography. As an aspiring photographer I am constantly looking for places, people and events that help me take better snapshots. With that comes learning from the leaders in the field, and although they may not be world-class leaders or those internationally renowned, I do look-up to several key photographers and bloggers who never fails to put a smile and a bit of awe in my eyes. 

 Bisous ♥

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