Student Life "Under The Sea" Boat Cruise Photobooth. All photos are copyright under Catherine Liem. 

Blessed Easter greetings from me to you, my readers ♥

I hope your Easter break has been more than wonderful so far! I was blessed enough to go on a road trip to Sorrento together with some friends from my youth group. Yes! It was my first time to Sorrento and witnessing its glorious scenery, and also...the first time that I brought my camera along with partial intention to share some of today's memorable events with you loves in the near future. I always bring my camera to those special events but as you probably know...this is my FIRST "personal" post where I feature my own photography. Now a first step is always a significant step so I'd like to thank Jesus for all the gifts He has given me so far in multimedia and photography. Thank you Lord for you've granted me great equipment, great time, great company, great ideas and a refreshing time to soak in more of Your word and share Your greatness to people around me :)

This post is dedicated to all the amazing boys and girls, fellow peers and leaders I met through Student Life. This is not just an ordinary club. This is one fiery club for Jesus! From the sharing, the thriving spirit of evangelism, the corporate youth vision, the financial support, missionary channel, it just goes on and on, and not to mention its open leadership pathways. Honestly, I joined SL in my first year of uni but did not really delve deep in it until this semester. I really wished I spent more time with this wonderful bunch of people in my first year. I would've been able to contribute so much more this year ♥

Okay, let the interview begin~

So what do I like about Student Life? 
Its viral, creative and inspirational energy. SL reflects what youth in Christ is all about. Yes, as humans we will always have weaknesses and things to improve on but what I found really admirable about this group of young people is their willingness and strong initiative to help one another, pray and counsel one another whenever they are in need or whenever they are not at their tops. You don't really need the wisest words or biggest revelations to turn a heart back to God. You just need Godly understanding, love, patience and compassion. And everything you do must be to glorify Him. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

Student Life reflects this motto. There are various events the committee are planning around Uni this year and all of them are genuinely voluntary! What's so great about these activities is how they are always open to invite more people to know Christ through their events :)

So what is "Under the Sea", and what's so good about it?
I could rant can I? Under the Sea was theme of Student Life's annual boat party event last year. I am not too sure if they hold it once per year for every consecutive year since this was the first cruise I went to with the SL team. Obviously I met way too many faces and greeted too many names, of which one quarter I have forgotten. What's so lovely about this event is not the fact that we can dress up, socialize and enjoy good food and company but more of a corporate unity in general. Through the event, we were able once again to rejoin hands with fellow SL missionaries all throughout Melbourne, some who we have never met before. It really initiates a whole new chain of friendship among the SL members throughout the state and I really enjoyed such good company. 

What was probably not good enough: The weather. I have to say it was really cold that night and the winds were also really strong. To get out of the cruise to take photos mean sacrificing your goosebumps to raise all night long and the feeling of being plastered to ice right down to the bones for a few seconds. Okay, that was hyperbole...But really, it was lovely, super sunny to begin with and deceptively warm. After the sunset, bang...the cold hits the boat.

What were the good bits about it? The photobooth. The people. The food. Awesome testimonies and sharing we had from those who went on SL summer project to Rye or Phillip Island. The wonderful acoustic music brought by Liz (short haired girl in floral dress ♥). And of course, the view of Docklands which is only made possible to witness by being on a ferry. 

In my next post, I am going to talk a bit about Student Life this year and of course, put up more photos of the boat cruise. Enjoy the visuals guys~
the girls. woolshed pub next to the boat dock. window shot. naomi, emily and me. tomy and melody. a smidgeon of docklands' colourful apartments. peter and joshua. dinner is served. fiery sunset. pam. philomena and bronwyn - love this girl's beautiful aqua dress. sher (the fashionista), liz, and iscah. bronwyn and cheerful claudia. best friends vy vy and cheryl. more of philo and browyn. couple liella and andrew. beautiful liz singing. dinner is being served by the crew ^^. me and monica

So that's it everyone ♥ Hope you love the pics and stay tuned for more posts to come (in making up for my long irregular absences). Lots of love,

Cat xx

Maira Gall