Student Life "Under the Sea" Boat Cruise 2013. All photos are taken by Catherine.

Hello again everyone ♥ So this is the second part of my previous Under the Sea post. If you haven't seen it, click here.

Today was really, really fun. We had a cute "amazing race" event organized by the SL team as part of the Easter break catch-up in Jells Park. So good to meet some more lovely faces! Oh and that being said, I also invited one of my friends to the event and introduced her to some SL people. As usual, it's always kind of awkward during the first meet and greet (unless you are just downright open and sociable) but I guess that's normal isn't it? Strong, close relationships are truly the ones that withstand the test of time and distance and today's catch-up/meet and green session really reminded me of my journey with Christ as His daughter. 

Sometimes we may feel content with our current position and status as a new, born again Christian. Justified, free, cherished, and blameless without sin. What is there to fear? 

Wrong. Our lives will never be perfect or blameless unless our lives are fully transformed by His grace. We will never be able to understand the depth of His true love if we do not ponder on His word regularly, if not daily. The Bible is God's everlasting love letter to His children. It is the manual in what makes us a different, radiating son or daughter of God on Earth, channeling His glory wherever we go. The key in building ourselves like this lies within time and relationship. God is not bound by time, but as humans, our life is highly limited by time. Time dictates where, when and how we do things, what and who we direct our actions at. Our life is finite and how we spend our time reflects what we cherish most in life. When was the last time you sat by in your quiet time with God, delving into the Word for more than an hour? Two hours? When was the last time you felt such everlasting joy in praying and worshipping His name, that hours in reality only felt like minutes at heart? Just like any relationship, being close with the one you love takes time but all is worthwhile if each moment is spent meaningfully. I believe regaining the life in our relationship with God is crucial in our Christian journey. Not only will this "relationship" fuel us from the inside out in becoming a glorious vessel for Him, but it also shares new wisdom, discernment, and spiritual gifts to help us live our lives in the best way possible - according to our one true Creator.
Now it's time for me to hit the books again. Enjoy the visuals and I will write to you again very, very soon.

ps. yes I know that Docklands at night is just purely romantic...yes I know. Just don't get me started please.

Lots of love,

Catherine xx

Maira Gall