Whelloo again wonderful readers ♥ How have you all been? Today's post is more like a food obsession slash instagram diary-keeping slash inspiration for my delectable and delicious foodie moodboard. So by the end of this post, I hope you all are flooded with that bursting feeling to call up a few friends, parents or siblings in making that weekend brunch appointment a reality. Oh no worries, I may not travel much out of Melbourne but I do know some fine places in this good old home of mine that I would certainly share to you all. So why not join the movement? Start phubbing your meals and record it all, if you want ;)
How adorable is that paw paw cappucino? Oh things you can do with latte art..seriously ♥
ps. I only do this because I aspire to be a food blogger...and like many others, I love eating more than cooking.

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Lots of love,


Maira Gall