Benny Horne Photography

Benny Horne is one of my favourite photographers who never fails to amaze me with endless elegant and picturesque contexts. His numerous works have been featured in various magazines such as RUSSH (my favourite!), Oyster, Vogue Australia, Vogue Germany, Vogue Spain, Numero, Harper's Bazaar and Exit Magazines. I decided to curate this post after seeing Benny's latest work in Vogue Spain February 2015 featuring Andreea Diaconu via. VO. Hope you lovelies are immersed in his photography just as much as I am! x

Here are some of Benny's ingenious works featured in this post...
1. Andreea Diaconu for Vogue Spain.
2. Constance Jablonski for Numero. 
3. Marloes Horst for Vogue Australia. 
4. Josephine Skriver for Vogue Russia. 
5. Bambi Northwood for Russh. 
6. Kendra Spears by Benny Horne. 
7. Aline Weber for Russh. 
8. Emiy DiDonato for Vogue Australia. 
9. Emily DiDonato for Juicy Couture. 
10. Ava Smith by Benny Horne. 
11. Anais Pouliot for Oyster. 
12. Julia Frauche for Vogue Germany.
13. Catherine McNeil for Vogue Australia. 
14. "Queen" Cara Delevingne for Vogue Australia. 

Bisous ♥

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