To all my readers, I have redirected all content from Style Hostess into Cathtivated...

As some of you might know, I used to have a fashion blog called Style Hostess and was active at it for a few years. For some reason, I lost motivation halfway and really thought that it was time for a fresh change. After giving it some serious thought, I have made my decision and that is to merge all content from SH into Cathtivated. So whenever you guys type in on the search bar, it will automatically redirect here. I am still revamping the labels and so forth to make searching easier and this will take a couple of days at least to get everything sorted out straight. It's quite a massive change so expect a little bit of slowing down in the blog but I trust Cathtivated will be up and running as good as it used to be in no time. Now you can browse back to countless posts via my archives in the navigation header bar. Simply click on the month + year combination and treat yourself to a fashion overdose xx

Bisous ♥

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