Actress Maria Valverde for Vogue Spain's 7-day Style File. 

First, I love everything about her style. Maria shows a fine balance between class and casual wear. I first discovered this style feature on Jenn's blog, Le Fashion. Jenn's Le Fashion has been a huge style creed for me since ages ago, ever since I started my first blog. I guess browsing fashionable images will always remain as a lifelong hobby for me. I don't know where and when it all began, but keeping up with the latest fashion has always been a fun challenge for me so I guess we can all agree to more style content on Cathtivated? (applause cue...)

On a side note, I have updated some of my blogroll links (if you click the "Blogreads" tab at the navigation header...) with some of my favourite bloggers and photographers. The list will continue to grow and I have also updated my sidebar where you can browse more inspiring websites I have discovered through time. 

Bisous ♥

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