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Cindy Jacobs' Message for 2015

Whatever the body of the enemy has planned, we are meant to be the light in shining armor. We are created in God's image, created and destined to spread joy and divine goodness.
2015 is the turn-around year of the midnight hour, declares the Lord.

This is the season where things may look very dark but you must be excited because we will see the greatest breakthroughs and miracles in our lives. It is very important that we actively listen to the Word of the Lord and be active doers, not simply hearers.

  • 2015 is the year to calibrate in the midst of what Satan's doing. Calibrate = amend, transform, change, turn-around.
Time to reflect and redirect our lifestyle. Ask God to direct your paths and give you new words of wisdom. His words enable us supernatural guidance to make divine choices when we are incapable to do anything.
    There are some things that we are afraid to confront. But the Holy Spirit is saying you may have to create a whirlwind. We have to gather the courage and make active notions for our future. Success is not for the lazy. In the midst of the whirlwind, God is turning you around.
    • Job 38:1 | There are many things from the wrong alignment into the right alignment through shaking. Things will happen when we have great spiritual courage.
    • Hezekiah was announced he was going to die. Yet he mustered up courage, turned his face to the wall & God granted him 15 years. He had a turn-around year in the face of man's condemnation being a "false prophet".

    God is calling us to a place or moment of rest, a Sabbath. 

    Some of us may think this is absurd. In such a time where so many things can preoccupy and overcrowd our minds, our focus gets so taken away, so misaligned and strayed apart from where God truly wants to lead us. In the midst of our busyness, we become insensitive to God's voice, the Spirit's guidance which is spoken through the gentle Word and those around us. We become heavily preoccupied with the present and losing sight of the future, of our real identity. Personally, I have encountered various moments where my shortsightedness in the present failed me in many great goals I want to fulfill.

    So what has this rest got to do with me? 

    Rest is a time of reflection, of spiritual recharge & fulfillment and of revelation. When we exhaust ourselves in doing trivial things of life, e.g. maintaining a steady "routine", work, play, family life, we tend to lose sight of the bigger picture. A successful person knows how to balance leadership & management. Doing things on a daily basis and ensuring that our life, financial and family are all steady and well-looked after are management processes, but leadership is all about knowing where we are going; the critical difference between an ordinary achiever and a successful overcomer is the quality and scope of their vision. Yet leadership in God's books is solely driven by faith, prayer & action in-accordance to His Word. It's about being sensitive, discerning and aware to His voice in times of rest. 

    If we never take any rest, or walk in full assurance that God does not give us a moment of rest, we become over-exhausted and poor. Poverty is a dead structure that God's going to turn around this year so that we may live abundantly under His grace and provision. Start believing that God has cleared away poverty in your life and start declaring by faith that He's going to bless you abundantly to fulfill His great visions this year.

    According to the Hebrew calendar, 2015 (5775th year) is the 7th of the 7th agricultural cycle. The land's resting time. If we break God's laws in the Bible, our physical laws break down. 

    Avoid distractions that will stray your vision from the central things God wants you to do. 

    Worship is the key to healing. 

    Worship is a lifestyle oriented to serve God in all of our ways, and that includes our mouth and the words we speak to others and ourselves. Our life situations may not be the best but it's time to build a strong habit and resolution to declare peace and goodness over our lives. Regardless of our present circumstances, our words must reflect the Words of God - what we believe in faith. Our mouth speaks out of the abundance of our heart. If we always dwell on our failures, bitterness, sunkenness, or the miserable things in our life, then we will never be able to experience God's blessings and breakthroughs in their lives! Instead, it's time to turn-around and declare God's goodness in our lives!

    God does not want you to stay in the old season. We will exert force and be violent, wrench ourselves away from the strongholds by faith.

    The Devil is a father of lies. Just as a lie that we are going to get hurt won't inflict any sudden physical harm, our lives will be unaffected and bulletproof from the Devil's schemes if we choose to believe and stay in God's good and righteous path. However, even though we are God's children, that status alone is not enough to stop us from falling and believing in the Devil's lies. Our miserable circumstances, poverty or hopelessness all stem-off from being planted in the wrong soil, receiving the wrong nutrients and encouragements from the Devil. If we expose our ears to his lies and verbally affirm these deceptions into prophetic declarations through our mouth, then our lives will be transformed according to the deceptive lies and threats fed by the Devil. If we choose to dwell in negativity, then our lives will be negative. We reap what we sow. 

    The concept of rest is also illustrated in Esther's fast. Sometimes, our lives may create endless whirlwinds that trap us and suck our small minds into spirals and spirals that make us confused. In times of these, declare a fast! Be aware that we are dangerously close to being misguided. Be aware that we are powerless without God's intervention in overcoming life's whirlwinds. Be aware that a fast, or a time of rest rooted in God is more than enough to deliver us from the hands of the Devil. When Esther fasted, the Devil's plans bounced back like a boomerang on him. Esther received revelation, strength and fulfillment from the Lord with a devoted heart and determined action of surrender. 

    Surrendering, humbling ourselves and putting ourselves second elevate us into a position of leadership. Moments where we may look weak to the world show that we are strong in God. He is going to renew us and restore our broken hearts according to His perfect image He carved in each of our lives!

    I have a serious weakness in this. Just a few days back, me and my parents had a small argument. They told me how sometimes I am too proud. Some of these reasons are my level of education, my experiences, my personal development or networks I've built overtime personally and professionally. Although it came as a direct hit, it was an eye-opener. Sometimes, God's abundant blessings in our lives may make us proud, make us too overconfident in our own strength. We started to take His blessings for granted and lose sight of the true goal assigned to us during our first divine encounter. The Devil dwells in our pride to steer us away from God's righteous path. It may look like we are walking on comfortable, secure ground when we rely on our own strength but as Cindy said - when we defy God's laws in the Bible, our physical laws break down. It may look safe and secure now to walk in our own strength, but what lies ahead can never bring true fulfillment, joy and satisfaction as when we walked with God. It only leads us to more pride, more desperation, insecurity, fear and anxiety over what's to come; and a greater reliance on our small bodies and minds to rise-up and overcome life's great giants with our meek and small power. Now I ask, what can bring us back to God's gracious path? Seek Him truthfully and genuinely with an honest heart willing to be disciplined, molded and transformed...and sometimes, that includes tough crazy prayers such as "God, please break down the foundations of my pride so that I can follow you again like your needy daughter". Sometimes it takes enormous courage to put-down our possessions, drop everything and simply follow Him by faith. 

    God promises divine breakthroughs. He is raising up new leaders, new evangelists from some of the world's most unexpected people and most unheard regions.

    Nothing is impossible for our Lord. Our situation may look stagnant, ordinary or in shambles but those who walk by faith in His word will not perish but attain eternal life. If we make John 3:16 our life motto, what miracles and breakthroughs will it bring to our lives! How does it feel to be pure conquerors of light in the things we do, simply because we offer up everything in our hands to the Lord. How satisfying would it be to see anything that we plan to flourish and prosper because we surrender all expectations and fully let God work His way in our talents, skills and professions. 

    2015 is a time of surrender just as much as it is a time of transformation. I guess this is a constant reminder for us to recheck and evaluate our lives, and ensure that everything we do is oriented for God's glory ♥

    Lots of love,

    Catherine ☺

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