Victoria's Secret 2015.

Some behind-the-scenes VS 2015 runway shots captured by Tommy Ton. 
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It's that time of the year again where we can see glimpses on one of the world's fanciest, most extravagant runways. VS truly deserves the spotlight. The endless breathtaking lingerie designs, the runway atmosphere and these angels really make it one of the most anticipated runways...ever! I am not really a lingerie person (I just don't think I've enough confidence...), but VS was the first line that got me "quite" interested in good lingerie. Just for online browsing. Yes, you can check my wardrobe. It's very old school, I warn you (maybe that's why I don't do lots of outfit photos!). What do you think of this year's Victoria's Secret show? I'm more of a backstage-person than a runway-person. Personally, backstage shots are more dynamic and realistic. You can feel and partly experience the runway vibe, from the hair and make-up sessions, candid selfies, the rush in-between outfit change. Tommy Ton captured everything so well. Thank goodness he's in Vogue. 

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