Sarah & Sebastian

Jewelry that bedazzles. 

Hello beautiful! It feels so new and strange for me to be back online again after a super long nine months' hiatus...I've been totally swamped with uni, assignments, work, club meetings, and of course, a bit of music throughout the year so far that I've neglected this blog a bit. So glad I can finally spring back in with a new discovery. Sarah & Sebastian caught my eye when I was scrolling through Gary Pepper's latest posts (she's always such a beauty!). I love the simplicity of all their designs, almost to the point of being so fine and fragile. The stacked rings, chokers and fine chains really do bedazzle. Preview their latest collection "Nimbus" here. For all you lovely Melbournians, you can browse their current collections at Splice Boutique and Incu. Can't wait to bring in some fresh updates and get the blog rolling again! Till then. 

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