Spell & The Gypsy Collective 2015 Bridal Collection.

Casablanca is a unique collection. It features two exclusive bridal dresses, designed by Spell & The Gypsy - the Casablanca halter gown and Canyon Moon dress. Feeling mesmerized by Spell's first bridal collection and am looking forward to more. They are the opposite of tradition. This almost feels very airy, light, wispy, beautiful resort dresses that feels like "second skin" (as the girls call it). This is what beautiful in one's own feels like ♥ 
Photography: Johnny Abegg
Styling: Spell Design
Hair & beauty: Luciana Rose
Production: Michaela Macdonnell
Model: Louise Mikkelsen. 

How beautiful is the Malaysian Rawa island? The set really complements the styling of this latest bridal collection. You can preview these exclusive pieces at Spell Designs here

Bisous ♥

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