Here's a massive post on my latest interior design inspirations ♥ I am really drawn to white, clean spaces, beautiful ceramic tiles with a few prints here and there...oh and rugs, around the bed. I love verandas with a wide overlook and some potted plants and flowers in the home, to keep the atmosphere fresh and green. I'm starting to develop an obsession on wall decorations, e.g. moodboards and paintings all arranged together to form an "inspiration wall". The differing, mismatched photo frame lengths just add to the three-dimensional feel of the wall which adds vibrancy and colour to the clean, minimalist environment. Playing with soft, warm hues of wood also adds more warmth to the lovely home and makes everything more harmonic. Need I say more? Hope this post inspires you as much as it did to me.

Inspirations via. Oracle Fox and Stadshem

Bisous ♥

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