Lovelies, meet Carola Pojer, a Vienna-based actress and her fabulous fashion, lifestyle and moodboard slash inspiration blog, Vienna Wedekind. This award-winning platform has been captivating hundreds by the day and I can't believe I just discovered her today (thanks to Bloglovin!). Carola's blog is a fine mix of personal style, DIY inspirations, beauty, travel diaries and travel tips, outfit and skincare-wise. I love how well she combines basic staples, such as leather jackets, purses, and white tees with each other, especially in skin-neutral spring tones and classic monochrome palettes. 

If you haven't already, check-out her fantastic blog here. I've labelled the images to match her post titles so you can quickly google the entire post. Her super chic and minimalist personal taste and photography are two major things that draw me to her site.

Bisous ♥

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